Call our tree surgeons today for thorough tree surveys and inspections to establish the health of your trees and identify recommended treatments and maintenance tasks and required. We offer arboriculture consultancy at fantastic low rates - get in touch today for more information.

Guidance and support from our tree surgeons

•  Advice on Tree Preservation Orders

•  Emergency tree inspections and remedies

•  Maintenance contracts for grounds and gardens

•  Support for property developers with clearance planning

•  Surveys prior to landscaping and tree dismantling

Need a supplier of firewood and wood chippings in County Antrim? Looking for a regular local delivery of hardwood logs? SPR McGowan Tree Services recycle all the wood produced by our tree surgery services, allowing us to offer solid fuel and chippings at amazing low prices.

Tree surveys and inspections

With over 20 years of tree care experience, we work hard to deliver the right result for you. Get advice and information on all aspects of tree care - call SPR McGowan Tree Services on

Worried about a tree on your land? Need the opinion of a qualified specialist?

If you're worried about trees in your garden or at your business premises and you need the advice of an expert,

call SPR McGowan Tree Services. From damaged trees and sick trees to arboricultural consultancy for site clearance, we can provide professional tree care advice and services for you.


Whether you're concerned about a Tree Preservation Order or you're unsure about your obligations, we can help you to liaise with the local authorities to get the right result.


Got a question for our tree care experts? Email us your question for a fast response and our recommendations.

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