Using specialist technology for a fast, safe result, we grind down the remains of your tree including its stump and root, reducing it to sawdust so it can be easily taken away. The sawdust produced also makes ideal mulch for plant beds.

Stump removal at great low rates

•  Available throughout County Antrim

•  Experienced, fully qualified tree surgeons

•  Sawdust available for gardening and pathways

•  Garden clearance and tree felling

•  Dangerous roots removed

•  Competitively priced for best value

Cleared old trees and stumps from your lawn? Left with a blank canvas? Transform your garden with the help of our experienced landscapers. We'll help you get the garden of your dreams - from planting to terraces and ponds.

Stump grinding services

Tree stump causing a trip hazard? Call SPR McGowan Tree Services today for fast, safe stump and root removal. Call

Awkward or unsightly tree stump on your land? Call now for stump removal

Has a damaged tree left a stump on your lawn, making mowing difficult? Have overgrown tree roots broken through the earth, causing a trip hazard and damaging nearby ground?


For fast and effective stump and root removal by qualified and experienced tree surgeons, call SPR McGowan Tree Services in County Antrim today.


Need tree felling? Looking for site clearance services? We can removal all traces of your trees by carefully dismantling the branches, felling the trunk and grinding down the stump for a safe, clear site.


Root removal and stump grinding in Northern Ireland

Tree stump Machine grinding down a tree stump