We'll help you to remove unwanted trees and maintain the health of the rest, offering comprehensive grounds and tree management for businesses and private properties. Call SPR McGowan Tree Services and arrange an appointment with our tree care specialists.

Experienced local tree surgeons

•  Tree clearance

•  Stump and root removal

•  Construction Line approved contractors

•  Competitive, budget-friendly rates

•  Consultancy and tree management services

•  Surveys and inspections

•  Felled wood recycled for firewood and chippings

Qualified and experienced, you're in safe hands with SPR McGowan Tree Services. We're fully insured and all work is guaranteed for your peace of mind.

Tree management specialists

Site clearance at amazing low rates with your local tree felling specialists - call

Carrying out construction work? Need the site clearing of trees?

If you need trees clearing from your land prior to property development work or if you need tree stumps and roots removing from your land, contact SPR McGowan Tree Services today.


Our site clearance service ensures that trees are safely removed and recycled, and we can provide ongoing tree management and garden maintenance for you.


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